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iCause will revolutionize how to find events with an easy to use app which can be downloaded for free by anyone with a mobile device.

The app has a simple and intuitive user interface which includes features to:



local or global events related to a cause.


to attend or sign up to volunteer.


rate, track and support events.


timely notifications and reminders.


directly to your cause and event.

Connect to millions of cause events!


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Personal Preferences

Event Reminders

Friend Engagement

Social Sharing

Event Planner

Geo Location Tracking

Social Media Integration

Meeting Locations

Event Preparation

And much more!


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“I can't wait to see how iCause changes the game!”

- Kevin McAhren

“iCause is the most stable, fastest app I have ever experienced!”

- Laura Kerger

“Looking forward to the launch of this cool new app!”

- Susan Rose

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