Post-Surgical Massage and Edema Management

Fri May 18 2018 at 09:00 am
Wholistic Paws Veterinary Services, 20600 Gordon Park Square, Suite 170, Ashburn, United States

Wholistic Paws Veterinary Services, 20600 Gordon Park Square, Suite 170, Ashburn, United States

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Swelling and edema that are related to orthopedic injuries, surgical interruption of soft tissue, and traumatic conditions can interfere with and impede successful treatment by even the most advanced practitioner.

In this workshop, you will learn how to reduce post-surgical and acute injury swelling using manual soft tissue techniques that stimulate the lymphatic system to remove excess fluid. Applying these techniques will help the body facilitate reabsorption of fluid created by the inflammatory response associated with the healing process. The results are faster healing time, reduction in acute pain, and increased ROM and function, all of which enable a better outcome. Addressing edema early on will also avoid stagnation of fluid in the tissues beneath the skin which can lead to adhesions, excessive scar tissue, chronic pain, and decreased range of motion.

This workshop is a must for anyone who works in private practice, rehabilitation, or a clinical setting where post-surgical care is provided.

**The advanced concepts taught in this workshop require existing knowledge and experience with canine behavior and massage techniques. We strongly recommend that you complete the Trust and Relationship-Building for Dogs and the Canine Massage Fundamentals workshops before taking this advanced class.
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