Silent Meditation Sit - 30 Minutes

Wed Jan 30 2019 at 07:00 pm to 07:30 pm
Crossroads United Methodist Church, 43454 Crossroads Drive, Ashburn, United States

Crossroads United Methodist Church, 43454 Crossroads Drive, Ashburn, United States

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Through my own personal experience and of many other meditators. Building a daily meditation practice and continuing it is the hardest part. Once we taste the chocolate of meditation, we want it and we need it, but then again, our monkey mind distracts us from building a daily meditation practice.The benefits of meditation be it physical, mental, spiritual health are well documented. Meditation helps us to turn our gaze inward, look within and live a more conscious life. This leads to richness in our personal & professional life. In time we see that it also helps us to create more understanding families/relationships and harmonious communities. All of these benefits are known to all of us and if not, there is plethora of material out there to get you started (feel free to reach out to me if needed).My selfish interest in setting this meetup is to build a sustainable, daily meditation practice for myself & our community. When meditation becomes a part of our routine only then we can see underlying meaningful & concrete changes in our lives. So that we can live more consciously as individuals, friends, co-workers, families & communities.SESSION DETAILS:1. 10 minutes guided practice at start.2. 20 minutes of silent meditation sit.3. Wrap up with short loving kindness practice.First ten minutes will get us all started. Next silent sitting of twenty minutes without instruction is critically important. This will really train our individual attention and awareness without any external props or help. Like, in real life when something challenging arises, there is no guidance at that moment to bring us back from our unconscious autopilot reactions to aware, non-judgmental self. These twenty minutes will help build that muscle of awareness, to live a more conscious life without any external props or supports. These twenty minutes will enable us to bring qualitative benefits of meditation into our real lives, when rubber meets the road. In time we become our own greatest help and support. In time we become our own greatest friend.So, let the journey begin.
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