The Boondock Saints Movie Party

Sat Mar 17 2018 at 07:00 pm
Alamo Drafthouse DC Area, 20575 Easthampton Plz, Ashburn, United States

Alamo Drafthouse DC Area, 20575 Easthampton Plz, Ashburn, United States

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Let the bullets fly (well, caps) as you shoot-along with those hoodlums with hearts of gold, the McManus brothers, at these *literal* blowouts of interactivity. Slap on some temp ink, load up your cap guns and help the bros drive the mafia snakes right outta Boston. We’ll even provide latex gloves so you can inspect/conduct crime scenes like agent Smecker. It’s all included in your ticket at these no-holds-or-cusses-barred, completely guilt-free celebrations of Irish Catholic vigilante justice.

New to the film? Well… Connor (Flanery) and Murphy (Reedus) are two brawling brothers who accidentally K*ll a handful of mafia thugs one morning. After turning themselves in, the pair are released as hometown heroes. Seeing it as a sign from Gawd, the brothers start knocking off more gang members one by one. A completely off-the-chain Willem Dafoe is the FBI agent trying to solve the slayings. But the closer he comes to catching the vigilante brothers, the more he thinks, hey, they might just be doing the right thing.

Long before Scorsese and Affleck were dipping their directorial toes into its dirty water, this little indie showed audiences that Boston is, like, wicked gritty, kehd. And to clean up its grimy streets you don’t just need heroes, you need a little help from the saints, too.
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