1st Thursday Singer/Songwriter Showcase with Write Doe Bay

Fri Dec 07 2018 at 02:00 am to 06:00 am
Caffe Vita125 Prefontaine Pl S, Seattle 98104Karte anzeigenKarte verbergen

Caffe Vita125 Prefontaine Pl S, Seattle 98104Karte anzeigenKarte verbergen

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✨Caffé Vita in Pioneer Square during 1st Thursday Art Walk

✨music at 7pm, art all night long

✨ Live music by Star Anna, Whitney Lyman, Lydia Ramsey, Kate Van Petten, & Faustine Hudson

✨Art by Molasses Robinson: instagram.com/molasses_robinson

✨Coffee, beer, and wine available for purchase before 9pm

✨No cover charge


?Write Doe Bay ?
Write Doe Bay is an intimate artists' retreat and multi-workshop event held at beautiful Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island in Washington State. They host award-winning authors/artists of genres ranging from memoir, fiction, screenplay, songwriting, poetry, and more. We welcome participants at any stage of their creative path including those who are ready to take their very first steps. Write Doe Bay has curated some of their favorite female singer/songwriters to showcase
Learn more about their next retreat, April 4-8, 2019: http://www.writedoebay.com/

☕️Caffe Vita ☕️
Caffe Vita has been roasting coffee in Seattle since 1995. They are an independent, locally-owned company. From their beginnings at the base of Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, Caffe Vita they operates 10 cafes in the Pacific Northwest, a roasteria cafe in New York City and Portland, and a cafe in Los Angeles.

?Seattle Sound Girls ?
Seattle Sound Girls is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women and girls to develop confidence and a strong foundation of technical skills needed to excel in the fields of live music production and audio engineering.


⭐️Star Anna ⭐️
Duff McKagan wrote of her singing, "She is the real deal. There is a pain in her voice that comes from somewhere deep, a place I dare not ask where it comes from."Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur described her as having "a voice full of bluster that will slam the door behind you, then find itself alone to take in the loneliness, the quiet, the beauty."

?Whitney Lyman ?
"Seattle singer/songwriter Whitney Lyman can only be described as a kind of space traveler, able to embody any musical form required for the gig. She can go indie rock one minute, then turn a corner into dreamy pop with smatterings of folk and classical, into a gospel choir no one on earth’s ever heard before. Her voice is like that of two thousand angels descending down into the night, arms stretched outward pouring broken maple leaves and backward Northwest rain."

⚡️Lydia Ramsey ⚡️
"A chilling performance complete with wholesome love songs, songs about life’s uncertainties and songs that truly made anyone listening to them feel like they miss someone. Her vocal range during the performance was astounding as she managed to bring her voice up from almost a whisper, to a gripping crescendo of pure emotion and heartfelt feelings."

?Kate Van Petten?
“Hailing from Chicago, Singer/songwriter Kate Van Petten moved to Seattle and quietly began working on her first full-length record. Although it is not yet released, her songs are already hummed throughout Seattle. If you’ve heard her play, you know what I mean when I say that her powerful voice resonates through her introspective words and land somewhere between your heart and your gut. You’re left with a skeleton of yourself and a million questions racing through your head as you lay in bed, humming her songs.”

?Faustine Hudson?
"Faustine Hudson is one of those drummers you can't take your eyes off of. A dead-on lead foot wearing a floppy hat, a tattered sundress, and heels. She's like Van Gogh's Irises—there are other paintings in the museum, but something about the movement in Van Gogh's lines won't let you go. Faustine's drum motion is circulatory, furtive, and blurring. She's the bombastic, hair-tossed, K Records Iris. There's a wily, jutting sense about her time keeping, and she usually drums with a big smile plastered wide across her face. Faustine plays beats like a giant plays with a bus. The bus is huge to normal people, a toy to the giant. " The Stranger
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