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The iCause ecosystem offers access to millions of events worldwide to benefit nonprofits, CSR companies, philanthropists, and a universe of engaged individuals.

“We will soon close our early stage investment opportunity, but are always open to your communications. If you are looking to partner with an innovative team - join us on our exciting mission of cause sustainability!“ - Kevin McAhren, Co-Founder and CEO

iCause PBC is a privately held Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to nonprofit sustainability. Its service creates an ecosystem where: individuals can engage and participate, nonprofit organizations can expand their reach, and companies can support causes while building brand value. Our app offers the first broad spectrum tracking and reporting platform for sanctioned volunteer and community service programs, accounting for billions of hours of participation worldwide. As a nonprofit engagement solution, iCause leverages proprietary technology to bring about a centralized marketplace where many stakeholders can get reliable information, share, promote, and participate. iCause derives revenue from multiple sources including: advertising sales, reservations and ticketing, social marketing automation services, and virtual gifts.

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