3rd Annual 'Queer' Asia Film Festival 2019 with CINEMQ

Sat Jul 13 2019 at 10:00 am to Sun Jul 14 2019 at 05:00 pm
British Museum, WC1B 3DG London, United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom

British Museum, WC1B 3DG London, United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom

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Queer Asia
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The third annual 'Queer' Asia Film Festival returns with films from 24 Asian countries. This year we're working with CINEMQ to bring you some fantastic films and post screening discussions. As always, it's free to attend so get your tickets now!

Total programme runs from 17 June to 22 July. 13-14 July at the BRITISH MUSEUM, Stevenson Lecture Theatre, London WC1B 3DG.

View the schedule online: https://queerasia.com/qaff19-schedule/
Descriptions of the films: https://queerasia.com/qaff19-the-films/
Free tickets available now!: https://filmfreeway.com/QueerAsia/tickets


1000-1145: ‘Of Home and Belonging’:
Sunken Plum (China) · Winged Miracle (Azerbaijan) · Ashen River of Remembrance (Philippines) · Hands and Wings (South Korea) · Forbidden Love (India)

1145-1330: ‘Inside Out/ Outside In’:
I / Him (Turkey) · I Say Dust (USA/Lebanon) · My Name was January (Canada/Philippines) · A Face Without A Heart (UK/China) · 52 Hertz (China) · Post-Film Panel: Intersectional Identities - Power & Oppression

1330-1500: ‘Power Out!’:
The Visible (Brunei) · The Land of the Brave (Philippines) · Madun (Turkey) · Parking (Iran) · Teluki (Brunei) · Post-Film Panel: Policing Queer Bodies – Law, Society and Nation

1530-1700: 'Dreams + Nightscapes’ (CINEMQ):
The Tyger (Thailand) · They Won’t Let A Dream Come True (Pakistan) · Aren’t We Here For Each Other (Philippines) · Things I Would Say To My Mom If Only I Were Brave Enough (Philippines) · Queer (S.Korea/Canada) · I Dream / Yalani Dream (USA) · Tofu (Hong Kong) · The Mute (Vietnam) · Do It Again (Taiwan) · Care for You (USA) · Make Up Your Own Mind (Hong Kong) · Chromosome Sweetheart (Japan) · Two Snakes (Canada) · Amateur Dramatics (Canada)


1000-1130: ‘Point, Shoot: Enabling Community Storytelling Through Film’ (CINEMQ):
You and Me (China) · Soulmates (Myanmar) · Physicality (India) · Brothers (China)

1130-1315: ‘Languages of Love’:
Son of A Dancer (Lebanon) · A Simple Love Story (Myanmar) · Zara Nazar Uthake Delkho – Tales of Cruising in India (India) · From AM to PM (A Look into Ishaq’s Life) (Pakistan) · 2015 (Philippines)

1330-1500: 'Performing Gender’ (CINEMQ):
Neyna’s Diary (Myanmar) · Lady Eva (Tonga) · Not Acceptable (Iran) · Feminist Voices Funeral and Disco Memorial Party (China) · 3 Minutes Me and Myself (China) · Tomgirl (Australia) · Storm (India) · Boys Of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) · Blooming Night (China)

1500-1700: 'The Child':
What I Would Have Told My Daughter If I Knew What To Say Back Then (Philippines) · Ordinary Everyday (Japan) · Dollhouse (Turkey) · Two Boys and a Sheep (South Korea) · Langit Budak Biru (Malaysia) · The Liberation Man (UK) · Post-Film Panel: Thinking sexuality and ‘The Child'
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Queer Asia
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