Advising, Briefing and Drafting workshop - London

Tue Apr 16 2019 at 09:30 am to 04:30 pm
Room G18, Nobel House, London, United Kingdom

Room G18, Nobel House, London, United Kingdom

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Please note that you must have a or Defra ALB email address to book.

This workshop will help you draft documents for ministers, senior officials and organisational leaders in different contexts. It will include writing briefings, submissions, ministerial correspondence, writing for different audiences and drafting ‘lines to take’.

You’ll also learn how to present an argument even-handedly and with impact so leaders can make timely and well informed decisions.

All civil servants, including policy professionals, have a duty to ensure ministers, senior officials and organisational leaders are briefed, kept informed of the latest developments and have responses ready should they be questioned by the public, the media, government colleagues or Parliament. Preparing this information in the correct way is crucial if leaders and their organisations are to function effectively.

This topic features an all day workshop focusing on drafting documents to engage your minister’s interest and to persuade them through logical and clear arguments. There will also be an opportunity to practice writing in ‘live’ situations and a variety of formats.

To help you prepare, there is a selection of background material available, including a comprehensive workbook, videos and documents explaining drafting models and key techniques.

See the relevant Civil Service Learning page for further detail.

Please note you must have a email address or an email address of a Defra ALB to register. Anyone who does not have an email address following this format will not be able to register for our events.
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