Another Loving | Near-Future Fictions

Tue Feb 12 2019 at 06:30 pm to 09:00 pm
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

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Virtual Futures
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Virtual Futures presents Near-Future Fictions on the theme of 'Another Loving.'

Reproduction is the only constant in human history - from our beginnings as single cell organisms to the sexual practices we see today.

Many of our social behaviours have been built and altered by our attitudes towards reproduction and the methods of passing our genes on to the next generation. Technologies frequently manipulate this most basic of human instincts to produce new ways to sexually interact with one another

We ask authors to consider how technological developments may influence the reproductive process, behaviour related to it, or the products of it. Authors may approach topics of courtship, contraceptives, conception, childbirth, or anything in between. 

Submit Your Stories

Stories should be no longer than ten minutes reading time (around 1,000 words for stories). The author should be available to attend the event, preferably to read their work although alternative readers can be found.

Submissions should be emailed as attachments to: fiction | virtualfutures ! co ! uk

Submission Deadline: Sunday 02 December 2018

Please follow the guidelines:

Use the following email subject header template: Near-Futures Fiction, [Title of Work], [Name of Theme]

Include your name and title of your work in the document name using the following format: [Surname],[Firstname]_[TitleOfWork].doc (e.g. Doe,John_MyScienceFictionStory.doc)

Ensure attachments are editable file formats.

Please include a 50-word biography in the same document as the story.

Include any social media handles (Twitter etc.) and website if applicable. 

Submissions for more than one theme are very welcome, but not multiple submissions for the same theme. Please send a separate email for each submission.

 Successful authors will be notified in January 2019.


Britta Schulte is a PhD student at a school of computer science where she is surrounded by dreams of what technology will achieve. She is looking forward to many of these dreams coming true. But she also likes to throw a spanner in the works from time to time, hoping to get people to stop and think about what could possibly go wrong. She started writing design fiction about her PhD topic on dementia and technology, but now writes regularly on wattpad and in zines.

Stephen Oram writes science fiction and is lead curator for near-future fiction at Virtual Futures. He enjoys working collaboratively with scientists and future-tech people; currently, he’s the cultural partner in a collaborative project with scientists at King’s College, London – they do the science he does the fiction. He’s been a hippie-punk, religious-squatter and an anarchist-bureaucrat; he thrives on contradictions. He is published in several anthologies and has two published novels, Quantum Confessions and Fluence. His recent collection of sci-fi shorts, Eating Robots and Other Stories, was described by the Morning Star as one of the top radical works of fiction in 2017.


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Virtual Futures (Est.1994) is a Community Interest Company (CIC). Ticket sales help to cover costs of the event including filming and documentation.
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Created By:
Virtual Futures
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