Cacao Toroidal Gong Bath

Thu May 16 2019 at 06:30 pm to 08:30 pm
Morley College Stockwell Campus, 1 Studley Rd, Stockwell, London, United Kingdom

Morley College Stockwell Campus, 1 Studley Rd, Stockwell, London, United Kingdom

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Time for deep relaxation and healing! 


Please join us for a Heart-opening Cacao with Shamanic drumming & Tachyon Soulprint sacred geometry cards.


Sacred circles are created for healing and transmuting negative energy. There will be an opening ceremony with shamanic drumming, then we will drink ceremonial grade pure raw Cacao: This Amazonian plant medicine is used to bond the group, anchor our intentions and open our hearts to elevate our journey. Then we will be immersed in the healing sounds of the gong and other instruments followed by Toroidal Touch to release limiting beliefs and trapped emotions for DNA re-programming. Come and experience pure relaxation and allow your stress to disappear. Join us for unconditional love and high vibrations.


1.       Setting Healing Intentions 

2.       Ultra Violet Flame Meditation

3.       Cacao Ceremony + Shamanic Journeying 

4.       Sound Journey with Toroidal Touch 

5.       Closing & Sharing 


Setting Intentions 

We will open the circle with setting intentions. The key to setting intentions is to have an open heart and have no expectations. You may bring crystal(s) or small personal objects to set your intention and have them with you during the workshop to anchor the healing experiences. 

Examples of possible intentions may include:

-       is to open my heart

-       is to listen to my internal guidance system

-       is to feel peaceful and connected to source

-       is to pay attention to what my heart is telling me

-       is to tap into my creativity and let it flow

-       is to reconnect with my higher self


Cacao Ceremony 

Raw Ceremonial grade 100% Cacao

Raw Cacao is one of the Amazonian super plant, main component of chocolate. Used by the indigenous as a source of energy and well known for its multiple health benefits, it contains high levels of antioxidants, to absorb free-radicals which cause tissue and cell damage. It is also the highest plant-based source of iron known to man. Full of Magnesium and Calcium.

Cacao is a great source of four bliss chemicals - serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenyl ethylamine. These neurotransmitters create feelings of wellbeing, happiness, and can even alleviate depression. A natural, healthy, delicious (and legal) way to get your happy buzz on, which ultimately releases dopamine to help you feel great.

This is why is known as the "love food" of "food of the Gods". Its essence connects you straight to your heart, to release you from the mind space and unwanted emotions and bring you into a feeling of ease, sparking creativity and joy.

Everyone has unique experiences when using cacao then immersed into sound healing. Some report seeing colours that cannot be seen in normal reality, some astral travel, some even have out of body experiences. It’s a really powerful experience that brings a deep state of calm afterwards awakening the warrior soul within.

Like all plants, animals and beings the cacao has a spirit. We kindly refer to her as the spirit of Cacao. She’s gentle, loving, kind and tends to work very subtly with whomever she’s partnering with. Nothing to fear here. She’s not going to take you anywhere you don’t want to go but if you allow her, if you invite her into your ceremony she will guide your process. She will heal the parts of yourself that are still unresolved. She will help you to see yourself, others and the world through the eyes of LOVE. She will help you reconnect to your roots and understand your purpose in the world as a light warrior that you are. Ultimately she will partner with you in going as far as you are desiring to go but she will never push you beyond your limits.

Cacao can be a very powerful access to connecting with yourself, your guidance system, your spirit guides, the spirit of cacao, Mother Earth, God, Universe and any other beings desiring to assist us. But as with anything, it will only be what you allow it to be the pure earthly, universal consciousness energy, celestial magic that it is.


Sound Journey with Toroidal Touch 

You will receive a healing Sound Journey with Gong bath, Crystal Bowls, Drums and singing. During this journey, you will be laying comfortably on yoga mat and given eye pillows and throws.

Lavender eye pillows will be given if you wish to use it. Allow yourself to receive the healing sound vibrations. Whether you’re asleep or not, your body is still receiving the healing benefits and sound vibrations. 

Gongs have claimed to have numerous benefits on physical, emotional and mental health, providing a balance in our wellbeing. 

Benefits include: 

- balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain 

- Uplifting mood 

- Releasing pains and aches in the body 

- Balance in the mind, body and spirit

- Balance nervous system, lower blood pressure and improve immune system 

- Cleansing subtle bodies and energetic field 

- Connecting us to our hearts and the universal heart 

- Releasing toxins from the body 


Sound is vibration. We are 75-80% water, thus the sound vibrations go through our body through our body fluid to create healing by altering our cellular molecules on an atomic level!


Tachyon Soulprint 

Tachyon Soulprint is a recent Healing modality developed by San to facilitate wellbeing on all levels possible. It incorporates sacred geometry, Toroidal energy and Sound through connection with our unique Soul Blueprint. 

During the last part of the session, collective healing will be sent to the entire group. 


Torodial Touch is individual hands on/off healing which is offered to those who wish to receive. During the healing, Toroidal energy is sent to the receiver and it aims to replace dysfunctional limiting beliefs associated with the body area(s) with functioning and healthy beliefs and emotions, release trapped emotions in the body and heart-wall as well as activating toroidal DNA within us for DNA evolution. 

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Things to prepare: 

- A tranquil balanced mind 

- A bottle of water for detox 

- Yoga mats/pillow/blanket to wrap yourself with. 

- Avoid alcohol or heavy meals before workshop. 

- Arrive on time as door will be closed 5 minutes after the announced starting time

Pease Note: 

- If you’re pregnant, it’s not advised to come to the Gong bath. 


About Facilitators

Soul Aurganic Sound Healing 

San is a trained Sound Healing practitioner who uses gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, tuning forks and voice in her Sound sessions and sound workshops. She has experience working with clients with mental health and learning disabilities. She also holds womb healing workshops and creates aromatherapy essence oil sprays. She is also a trained Butterfly, Dolphin & Whale essence practitioner and a reiki master practitioner. 

She has also recently created healing tool called Tachyon Soulprint based on creating balance in the mind body and spirit through connecting to our Soul blueprint. It consists of Healing Attunements, Toroidal Touch & Merkabah Activation. Toroidal Heart Connection is another element from the healing system. 

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IG: @SoulAurganic 

Rita's: IG: @11.11UniversalConsciousness 


Looking forward to having you at this journey! 

Contribution: Early Bird for £25 and £29 for RSVP on Eventbrite.


Joy, peace and love

San & Rita
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