Challenge Night 2019 -TED Style Speakers - London's Best Personal Development Event!

Wed May 22 2019 at 06:15 pm to 09:15 pm
Holiday Inn Kensington High Street, Wrights Lane, London, United Kingdom

Holiday Inn Kensington High Street, Wrights Lane, London, United Kingdom

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The SPEAKup Challenge
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Challenge Night 2019 brings together inspiring speakers from cities around the UK to deliver a powerful evening of personal and professional development.Join us at the Holiday Inn London for an unmissable line-up of TED-style talks from our community of thought leaders. 


Challenge Night 2019 is a personal development event like no other. You'll hear speeches on a range of topics, with key takeaways being:

- Learn powerful tools and strategies for excelling in your career, business, and relationships.- Learn from industry leaders in marketing, business, finance, and technology.- Learn how to overcome self-doubt and become your own best friend.- Change your perspective and see the world through completely new eyes.- Meet like-minded ambitious and creative people from your city.- Immerse yourself in positivity and leave with the determination to improve your life in whatever way you seek.


At Challenge Night 2019, public speakers will take to the stage to inspire, amuse, and entertain. Expect TEDx style talks on Personal Development, Politics, Culture, Success, Science, and much more.


If you are interested in taking The SPEAKup Challenge and sharing your message with the world, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the programme and sign up to speak next time.

To find out about what we do, and our courses, head over to our website to book a Discovery Day />

Please only reserve a ticket if you intend on attending the event. Invite friends who you think would also enjoy the event.

See you at Challenge Night 2019!
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Created By:
The SPEAKup Challenge
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