Create Your Magic 2019

Sat Jan 12 2019 at 09:30 am to Sun Jan 13 2019 at 06:00 pm
Grange Strathmore Hotel, 41 Queen's Gate Gardens, London, United Kingdom

Grange Strathmore Hotel, 41 Queen's Gate Gardens, London, United Kingdom

Created By:
Dr. Magdalena Baciu - Superconscious Living
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12th & 13th of January 2019  (09:30AM - 6:00PM)

You are meant for greatness. You are unique, you are beautiful, you are expansive. Your life journey unfolds as your heart desires and in beautiful harmony.

Is that not your story yet?

No problem. In this workshop, through deep guided meditation, inner child healing, guided inner reflection, storytelling, visioning and exercises carefully designed to awake within you another perspective and perception you will be immerse in a space where transformation is not only possible but imminent.

The signature transformational structure is going to support us to unveil whatever limitations, perceptions, definitions and other egoic structures prevent you from reaching the highest human potential. You will also learn how to complete 2018 with grace and ease and to create a heart inspired vision for 2019 that is aligned with your true nature and purpose. We will also guide you to unravel the next steps in anchoring your vision in reality, by connecting powerfully with your self-belief, self-confidence, your own authority, wisdom and resources. This will release massive amounts of energy that will organically lead to instant motivation, inspiration and stamina that will support you to navigate smoothly in your journey.

In this workshop there will become obvious that at a very early point in your existence you adopted a series of strategies and made decisions that were meant to keep you safe. Later on however these strategies created a veil that separate you not only from others but also from your own self, from the wisdom of your heart and your true essence. At times even when you are able to have sharp intuition and connect with your inner wisdom you still find yourself lost as you cannot put all of this together to create lasting change in your lives to enjoy our journey and have a sense of fulfilment.

Are your ready to stop this vicious circle that keeps you locked as the victim of the very process that you created to keep you safe? If your answer is yes, workshop is the way to overcome this once and for all.

Transcending these barriers is about making the journey from fear to love within yourself, in the conscious and deep subconscious realms of your psyche. Powerful processes and at times individual guidance will allow this deep work to unfold.

Ultimately in this workshop you will learn:

- To embrace more joy and fulfilment in your life

- Where do limiting beliefs come from and how to take the power out of them

- How was your ego formed and how is affecting your life

- How perceptions, thoughts and feelings are sabotaging your journey

- How to navigate through challenging emotions and how to transcend them

- How to complete 2018 with ease and grace

- How to set true heart centred goals for 2019 that instantly motivate and inspire you

- How to access higher consciousness to create a heart centred plan make your vision reality

- How to leave the past behind and truly release that stuck energy for manifesting your true vision

- How to create your daily self-awareness ritual, as a foundation for creating what you love

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness. That most frightens us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson.

Workshop Structure:

Saturday, January 12 (9:30AM– 6PM) (1hour lunch): The focus of the day is untangling yourself from the grip of the past, so you can release the energy to create the new and thus transcending perceptions and limitations to invite in the silver lining of life lessons.

Sunday, January 13 (9:30AM– 6PM): We will guide you through powerful processes such as guided meditations that will enable you to receive a vision for the next year or the next phase of your life and to create a blueprint that will anchor your vision in reality.

Further Details for the Workshop:

Date: 12 – 13 January 2019

Time 9h30 – 18h00

Location: Grange Strathmore Hotel, 41 Queen's Gate Gardens, Kensington, London SW7 5NB

Your Next Steps:

All you need to do is to secure your ticket to attend this event now. There is a limited number of only 25 places available for this intimate event.

* * * LETS CREATE A TRULY MAGIC 2019 ! ! ! * * *

I am looking forward to seeing you there and create some magic together within this 2 days and beyond.

Sending you so much love,

Dr. Magdalena Baciu

Founder and CEO of SuperConscious Living International Ltd.

Testimonials past events:

“A brilliant, innovative, teacher who can combine compassion and knowledge to create a thought provoking seminar on how to change ones life from an area we rarely use in this busy world - the heart - most of the decisions we make todays are made from the brain using logic or science or maths or data, what Magdalena does is gives us an opportunity to close the gap to using the heart instead of the brain, and unexpectedly you find yourself a more whole person” (Harry G.)

“I went to this course at a very tough time in my life. I was worried that I may not take in what Dr Magdalena was delivering due to my personal circumstances, but going to this was the best thing I could have ever done. Dr Magdalena has a way of touching your soul in such a natural, warm and unexpected way. I felt a renewed sense of strength and determination, and the course helped me to realize a lot of great things about myself, my inner strength and that life has been good and bad, not just bad like many of us tend to focus on. The techniques used to really connect with ourselves inwardly, find what makes us feel complete despite of the negative emotions/ situations we may experience was amazing. I became quite emotional whilst sharing, but Dr Magdalena and the people she has around her made me feel like it was okay to be vulnerable and I felt very safe sharing a part of my journey called life. Dr Magdalena THANK YOU for being you and for helping me to realize I am truly great and for teaching me new ways to deal with negative situations and experiences.” (Joan O.)

“Many thanks for the brilliant day yesterday. I took so many notes and have been reading over and over them since. I found the meditations very powerful and I am really happy with what I came away with. I am looking forward to the next one day workshop in January.” (Laura O.)

“I found it really interesting. I had only learned about mindfulness recently, and I believe that it is important for everyone to learn. No one is immune to feeling stressed, and we naturally tend to follow society's reflection rather than be our true selves, without even being aware of it. I would advise anyone to attend one of her workshops, as Magdalena is an excellent communicator, and cares a lot about everyone.” (Annie C.)
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Created By:
Dr. Magdalena Baciu - Superconscious Living
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