deepWORK Special Series - Phase 1 (Saturday)

Sat Jan 12 2019 at 02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
YMCA Club, 112 Great Russell Street, London, United Kingdom

YMCA Club, 112 Great Russell Street, London, United Kingdom

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deepWORK Special - Phase 1

Creating a strong and well balanced body

Yin & Yang in training

Yoga vs Weightlifting (Flexibility vs Strength)

Primal moves

Directions & Repetitions

Progression & Regression

This session is the first phase of the deepWORK Special Series. My aim is to show you how to put an effective training programme together, by going through some basic principles. Simple, safe and effective...these are the keywords for this session. 


Starting the session with a 15 minutes chat about the above topics. Don't worry, it will be quick and relaxed. ;)

Of course, we need to put the theory into practice, so we are going to do a deepWORK special class. 

During this class we will focus on mastering our primal moves and introducing some elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After finishing the session we are going to wrap up what we learnt, and of course we can't leave without our traditional"sweaty-selfie". :D

If you feel like it, feel free to join me for a drink after to recharge our batteries. 

If you have never tried deepWORK before, but you heard some good things about it, this class will probably be the best place to start. You will see, we are a happy team with lot of very nice people, so don't be afraid, you won't feel like a stranger between us. ;)

If you have any questions, just let me know please. I am really looking forward to having a session with you. 

Please note:

If this is your first time, the only thing I would require from you is just to be open-minded, and prepare to try an exercise routine you probably haven't seen before. 

During the class we will take photos and videos for educational purposes, if you don't want to be seen on these footages please let me know before the class starts.

In case I need to cancel the event because of  some unseen circumstances, I will issue a full refund to your account. 

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