Diva'ine Feminine

Thu Apr 18 2019 at 06:00 pm to Wed Apr 24 2019 at 08:00 pm
Soapbox Youth Centre, 69-85 Old Street, London, United Kingdom

Soapbox Youth Centre, 69-85 Old Street, London, United Kingdom

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Global Juno: Women in Dance is very proud to launch their first holistic dance program - Diva'ine Feminine.

Diva'ine Feminine is a revolutionary self-development program for women (16 -25 years old) that focuses on holistic feminine healing approach. 

During the classes participants will not only dance, but also be able to learn more about intention settings, healing meditation, visualisation exercises and disscuss women focused topics such as self worth and respect, depression and anxiety, womenhood and self-care, relationships, stress and body image. 

Dance styles: Commercial (dancing in heels), Contemporary.

Workshops consist of: 

Intention Setting 


Visualisation/Healing  Exercises 

What is Diva'ine Feminine?

Diva'ine feminine focuse is on demonstrating the power of feminine energy in healing ourselves. It is not vague or idealistic because the feminine principle has a very down-to-earth world view, responsive to all that is happening around us. In the spirit of the feminine principle it is vital to reflect on our lives regularly and break away from vicious negative cycles. What we focus on with our thoughts, we increase in power and influence; by taking our focus away from whatever is making us anxious, we reduce its influence over us and minimise its effect on the body.

It is widely known that emotion is created by motion, in other words saying emotions are linked to movement in our bodies. By engaging in physical activities, such as dance, participants will be able to change the negative psychological and emotional states they are in, which in return creates more positive and more confident thought cycles and happier more positive lifes.

We are looking forward to embarking on this journey to self-discovery together with you. 

With Love, 

Global Juno Women in Dance 

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