Facilitation for Successful Research Collaboration

Thu May 16 2019 at 09:30 am to 04:30 pm
Bush House South East Wing, Room 1.02, London, United Kingdom

Bush House South East Wing, Room 1.02, London, United Kingdom

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School of Arts and Humanities at King's College London
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The Facilitation for Successful Research Collaborations workshop, commissioned by the Arts & Humanities Research Institute, has been developed to  support Arts and Humanities researchers (especially, but not exclusively, early career and postgraduate researchers) to make the transition from managing their individual research to initiating and developing multidisciplinary and socially engaged research collaborations.

The workshop will focus on developing the skills to facilitate productive interactions that deliver creative ideas and ultimately establish successful research collaborations and partnerships. It will include how to build productive external research collaborations with non-academic partners, such as communities of interest and small civic / social groups, and will focus on the following objectives:

Understanding different potential partners: what are their needs, motivators and drivers; what assumptions/preconceptions may they have;

Making the initial approach;

Knowing when to walk away from a potential collaboration;

Facilitating first interactions: getting things off to a good start;

Creating an environment that enables collaborations to develop and grow;

Establishing relationships where all parties feel they have something useful to contribute.

This free course includes:

Pre-workshop questionnaire - to understand your specific needs;1-day workshop - the workshop will be interactive and practically focused. Facilitated activities and discussions will enable you to explore, experience and test out the concepts, approaches and tools presented. We'll share the 5-step process that we use for planning our research collaboration workshops and you will have the opportunity to apply it to your own examples;Post -workshop guide – a summary of useful tools and techniques and the 5-step planning template.

By the end of the workshop you will have:

Explored how to approach and engage with different types of research collaborators;

Experienced some well-tested tools and strategies for managing an effective research collaboration;

Been supported to develop a plan for your own research collaboration.

The agenda will be tailored in response to the needs expressed in the pre-course questionnaires. We will also ask you to bring to the workshop an example of a research collaboration that you are already engaged in or would like to develop.

The course is being run The Collective, a team of facilitators who specialise in working with academics and researchers.  They spend much of their working lives facilitating collaborations between academics and their partners and have plenty of hands-on experience of the joys and challenges that come with enabling people to truly collaborate.
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Created By:
School of Arts and Humanities at King's College London
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