Female Entrepreneur Event in London: Starting A Business Made Simple

Mon Jan 14 2019 at 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
WeWork Paddington,, London, United Kingdom

WeWork Paddington,, London, United Kingdom

Created By:
Irene Moore - Business Coach + Speaker
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Does this sound like you?

- You're a female leader ready to escape the corporate rat race 

- Your 9 to 5 leaves you feeling frustrated, stressed out and uninspired

- You're ambitious and work hard, but want to create a life that gives you the freedom to work where and when you want 

- You're not prepared to work long hours or deal with boring corporate politics 

- You want to make your own money and on your own terms 

- You've got a great business idea, but feel scared to take the leap

- You feel like time is slipping away from you & you are ready to take massive action 

- You already have or would like a little side-hustle and eventually become your own boss!

If you've answerd 'YES' to any of the above questions then watchthis FREE online master class designed to help you gain some real business clarity and get you moving towards your start-up goals. 

Here's what you will discover:

1. What has been holding you back from stepping out on your own 

2. Some simple ways to validate your business idea 

3. The 4 common mistakes that new entrepreneurs make - and how to avoid them!

4. The SMART way to launch your dream business in 12 months or less

This free workshop is PERFECT for those:

- stuck in a corporate rut and ready to take massive action towards becoming their own boss

- those considering going freelance, consulting, coaching

- those who already have a product or franchise to launch

- those who want to start an online business to give them more freedom and flexibility 

This workshop IS NOT SUITABLE for:

- those with absolutely no idea what business they want to start  

- established businesses looking for free marketing advice (this is for those who are in pre-startup or startup stage only!) 

- those who have no intention of running their own business, even on the side

What To Expect

This is a practical workshop so bring a note pad, pen and an open mind :) 

Feel free to share this registration link with a friend who may also benefit from this free event. They will need to register seperately and dublicate sign ups will be cancelled. 

If you are serious about starting your own business in the next 12 months (even if it's just on the side!) then this free workshop is for you. I'll be sharing how I successfully started and grew a six figure business in less than 12 months and also busting a few myths about what it is really like to be an entrepreneur. 

Everything shared will be in strictest confidence. 

There will be free tea, coffee, water and beers for those who want to stay and mingle after the workshop.

To Your Success! Irene 

Irene Moore || The BOSS MINDSET Coach 

Founder of SavvyStartupClub.com  | Find Irene on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook 
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Created By:
Irene Moore - Business Coach + Speaker
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