Fermentation Master Class

Sat Jun 29 2019 at 11:30 am to 05:00 pm
Hackney, 63 Cricketfield road, London, United Kingdom

Hackney, 63 Cricketfield road, London, United Kingdom

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Linéa Natural Nutrition
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This course will teach you all you need to start doing your own fermented vegetables, fruits and drinks. We will also be dicussing all the health benefits of including fermented foods in your daily diet. Get all the nutritional information on how to heal your gut and be healthier allround. The group is small with a maximum of 8 so you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. This workshop is a hands on workshop and you will take home 2 ferments as well as a scoby and grains to make your own kombucha or water kefir. Lunch is included where you will be able to taste all the ferments you are taught on the day. All recipes are also included as well as a gut healing protocol. The lunch will be plant based, gluten free, sugar free and dairy free. You will be learning how to make the following:

Various Dry fermented Sauerkrauts


Cultured Krauts

Fermented Pickles

Fruit ferments

Nut Cheeses


Fermented Drinks like Kombucha and water kefir

The course will start with a kombucha style welcome drink and some fermented nibbles. After a brief group introduction and discussion I will start the day with lecturing about the health benefits of fermented foods and how including them in your diet could help heal your gut and increase a strong immune system to enjoy better health and longevity. We will then go throguh all the different variation of fermenting before you make your own hand crafted ferments to take home together with your SCOBY starters and recipes. 

This course is a plantbased course and would suit a vegan as no animal products will be served or eaten during the workshop. However, we will go through the researched benefits of dairy kefir. These same grains can also be used to make non dairy kefir. Although we will not be making dairy kefir on the day we will be talking about it if there is interest.


“Asa is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field of fermented foods preparation and use, and their benefits. I found her to be a very warm, hospitable and engaging teacher and had a wonderful time at her masterclass. She is very generous in sharing her knowledge and I would love to learn more from her wider expertise. (Jas Sehmi)”

"I really enjoyed the Fermentation Masterclass. It was very practical, with lots of useful information. Asa is a great professional. She is knowledgeable, friendly and very kind.We made our own sauerkraut and had this delicious raw sugar-free dairy-free cake.I have learned a lot! Very grateful to Asa.(Marina Vorobieva)"

"thank you for a wonderful worshop (@ella26)"

"Had a wonderful time on Asa's fermentation course - its opened up a whole world of health and yummy food! She is warm, friendly and down to earth and super knowledgeable. So just made my first batch of water kefir and kombucha and waiting for my veg to be finished - an exciting new fermentation obsession awaits! Thanks so much Asa! " (Gaby Szabo)

"I felt so confortable all the time, Asa waited for us with a glass of beautiful kombucha. Asa is friendly, welcoming and full of knowledge, too much. We learned how to make fermented food and how awesome is for us, I had loads of fun making it, I took all my printed information with me so I can make it again and learn more about it, we had a massive lunch, loads of home made kombucha, cake.I feel my money was worth it and was a good experience. Thanks" (Adriana Melanzana)

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Created By:
Linéa Natural Nutrition
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