FREE 1-day EOS Blockchain Developer Workshop

Sun Jul 14 2019 at 09:30 am to 06:00 pm
Central London, London, United Kingdom

Central London, London, United Kingdom

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The EOS blockchain is a fast, secure and UX and developer friendly blockchain for the deployment of decentralized applications. After only a year live, it is supporting more on-chain activity than all the other top 10 blockchains combined. A huge range of new types of apps can be built that could not before and this workshop will teach you how.



Work on Blockchain is a global hiring platform for technical professionals aimed at the blockchain, DLT and cryptocurrencies space. We now have 40+ hiring companies and over 300+ vetted candidates looking for work, and the number of active candidates are increasing daily, most with strong commercial blockchain experience.



EOSIO blockchain software has been used to launch the EOS and TELOS blockchain (and others), In this full-day workshop, you will learn how EOSIO software blockchains work, and deploy your first smart contract to the testnet.

You must be a developer to join, but no previous knowledge of C++ or EOSIO software is needed.

Part 1 - understanding EOSIO

1. What is EOSIO software and the EOS and TELOS blockchains2. Network consensus and topography3. Transactions, accounts, permissions and fee model4. Smart contracts5. Security6. Scalability and user experience7. EOS ecosystem roadmap

 Part 2 - writing smart contracts

As a group, we will work through several exercises to write our first smart contract. This will involve writing, building and deploying smart contracts locally and on the testnet.



Be a developer or technical professionalsProvide your Linkedin/Github to show proof of at least 6 months coding experienceBefore the workshop you need to read through the C++ for EOSIO software refresherBefore the workshop you need to install software on your computer


What makes this workshop unique?

Big part of the workshop is actively driven by questions from participants and so each workshop edition looks slightly different. This is a unique characteristic of a workshop where most of the participants come with specific problems to solve in their minds, looking for explanations to the most difficult topics that they encountered while self-studying EOSIO blockchain software.


Who can benefit from this workshop?

This is a highly technical workshop to allow developers to start using EOSIO blockchain software and writing and deploying smart contracts. It is for new and old developers, with or without C++ or EOSIO experience.



Jack Tanner is a passionate advocate for blockchain technology and loves teaching technical concepts in an understandable way. He completed a Masters in Computer Science at Imperial College London and is an educator at the Work on Blockchain developer bootcamps. He previously worked as a senior blockchain developer on the Indorse platform and is now a CTO Co-founder of Work on Blockchain. He has been involved in numerous blockchain projects and educational events around the world since 2015. Follow Jack on Twitter @theblockstalk


Mentors and helpers:

Riccardo Persiani, lead EOS developer for Provable oracle service on EOS, will be helping teach and mentor the practical section.

Ik will be helping mentor the practical session.

Rohan Abraham, community support for EOS Authority will support questions about EOS and help during mentoring.

Stanislav Sinyagin, CTO of EOS Amsterdam, is helping set up the background syllabus and practical tasks and may support the event with online technical support.

Looking for work in the blockchain space or looking to hire technical talent:

Don't worry, we've got you covered. We have built an on-line hiring platform to help our students secure a job when they are ready via completely free of charge. Looking for work or looking to hire technical talent? Sign up to our hiring platform today.


Would you like us to bring this workshop to a city near you?

For partnership and collaboration, please contact Antonio Sabado, CEO and Founder of Work on Blockchain via education | workonblockchain ! com



Anyone who wants to donate to the workshop can do so here

EOS: eosworkshop1


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