From Bugs to Features: A Computer Archaeology of Errors and/in/as Games

Mon Jan 14 2019 at 05:00 pm to 08:00 pm
School of Design, University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom

School of Design, University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom

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University of Greenwich - CPDA
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MA Media and Creative Cultures 2019 Theorist-in-Residence:

Dr. Stefan Höltgen, Berlin Humboldt-University 

School of Design’s MA Media and Creative Culture is pleased to announce that the media scholar Dr. Stefan Höltgen will be its 2019 Theorist in Residence. 

As part of his tenure as Theorist in Residence, Höltgen will deliver a public lecture:

From Bugs to Features. A Computer Archaeology of Errors and/in/as Games

Monday, 14 January 17:00–18:30

Followed by Reception

Computer games are meant to disperse the player’s sense for reality with their aesthetics of immersion. This process is interrupted when a computer error occurs. Instead of just stop playing the gamer could use the focus his/her attention to the erroneos process and try to transgress the black boxes borders by starting to play with the game (instead of just playing the game), searching for the game’s inner rules and trying to modify them. The talk will take a look at different forms of computer errors (glitches and bugs in hardware and software), show their historical and epistemological roots by focussing on early computer games of the 1970s and 1980s. Back in the day bugs were common and hacking practices were used to debug and modify game codes. The connection between the real world (on our side of the computer’s surface) and the world of media technology on the subfaces of the machine will be shown by a comparison of the languages spoken, the errors made on both sides, and de/bugging hacks as transgressions of this border.

For more events during the residency check MA Media and Creative Culture’s Theorist in Residence page: />

About Dr. Stefan Höltgen

A post-doc scholar for media science at the Berlin Humboldt-University where he is preparing his second dissertation in computer science about “The archaeology of early home computers and their programming”, Dr Stefan Höltgen is working on the topics of computer archaeology and archaeology of digital media, game studies, audio-visual computing, the history of computers, programming languages, and computer didactics.

About the Media and Creative Cultures Programme

The MA Media and Creative Cultures offers a unique degree experience that encourages interrogations of the media and cultural theory, arts and politics in an expanded field. Students specialise in Research Methods, Aesthetic Economy, Subcultures, Digital Activism, Race, Gender, Class and Media. 

About the Department for Musicology and Media Studies at Humboldt University Berlin

The Department for Musicology and Media Studies was founded in 2003. The chair for media theories, held by Wolfgang Ernst, is one of the origins of media archaeology in a narrow sense (the so called "Kittler School"). Here media studies are taught as a combination of epistemology, techno-science and hands-on experimentation in the Media Archaeological Fundus and the Signal Laboratory.
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Created By:
University of Greenwich - CPDA
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