Good to Great - 5 days over 5 weeks (Oct 21, Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 11, Nov 18)

Wed Oct 21 2020 at 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
Capital Studios, 13 Wandsworth Plain, London, United Kingdom

Capital Studios, 13 Wandsworth Plain, London, United Kingdom

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A leadership programme for experienced restaurant managers

Five days over five weeks

About this Event

NEXT UPCOMING 5 DAY COURSE - October/November 2020

DAY 1 - Wednesday 21 OctoberDAY 2 - Wednesday 28 OctoberDAY 3 - Wednesday 4 NovemberDAY 4 - Wednesday 11 NovemberDAY 5 - Wednesday 18 November


Leadership and management must go hand in hand. They are not the same thing. But they are necessarily linked, and complementary. Whilst a good manager will save you on costs and keep your customers coming back through good shift organisation, it takes a good leader to do this on a longer-term basis.

In addition to restaurant expertise, general managers need to be able to:

Work at becoming self-sufficient and to empower those qualities in others.Understand and benefit from their own self-understanding.Make good decisions.Manage teams – usually multiple teams.Coach and mentor their shift managers and department heads to be better leaders themselves.Run effective, short meetings.Set workable, challenging objectives for self and others.Give adult to adult feedback and handle performance conversations.Use their time constructively.

Only a competent general manager can create this team – and we help create this manager.


As leaders we must respond to different levels of competence and commitment in our teams with correspondingly different levels of direction and support.

We cannot do everything ourselves. Nor can we assume that we can do things better than others simply because we are their bosses. In our role as leaders we must demonstrate the qualities we ask for in others and not necessarily the skills.

Leaders who build relationships through a mentoring approach, build long-lasting, powerful relationships.

Managing in our absence involves managing the working climate of our business.

A group of people is not necessarily a team. Teams of people can do work that ordinary groups of people can not do.


Day 1 – Influencing skills

The ‘ideal’ manager – communicating effectively with people who think differently to you – understanding and using ‘clean’ language – keeping busy communications on track – moving communications forward using powerful questions.

Day 2 – The Creative Brain

As humans, we can be calm and rational or intuitive and spontaneous – we have a range of responses available to us. How we respond to events is largely determined by our thinking styles. We explore these different types of thinking in detail, showing how all these ways of thinking have their place in determining how we react, respond and create success for ourselves.

Day 3 – The Manager as Coach

How to build long-lasting relationships with your teams via a coaching approach to leadership – an introduction to the principles of coaching – powerful coaching conversational frameworks – coaching skills – setting goals in coaching – creating positive action for change and development

Day 4 – The Climate Lab

Only positive teams create positive experiences for customers – How organizational climate (“the shared perception of the way things are around here”) is the key driver of motivation, performance and positive teams – how the leader can manage climate effectively both on the shift and throughout the business

Day 5 – How Leading Others Begins with Leading Ourselves

Authenticity, decisiveness, optimism and trustworthiness are just some of the management characteristics we ask for in our leaders. These are strengths to be understood, measured and developed


We know how hard the industry has been hit by this pandemic, we want to be able to support where we can, from today, we're pleased to present a very special offer.

We have made all of our courses VAT free and if you would prefer to pay in 2021 for attendance in October or November this year we will agree a mutually satisfactory payment arrangement.

Please select the ticket "Attend now, pay in 2021" to reserve your place, and we will get in touch to arrange a payment plan or delayed payment date for 2021.


You can choose to pay now and get an additional 10% off your ticket price.

Please select the already discounted ticket "Pay now, save 10%" promotes public events for free and helps event organizers connect with nonprofits to attract more participants like you.

Additionally, the iCause Global Foundation enables good people to fund great causes around the world. Together, our impacts are limitless!

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