Hacks/Hackers London: May 2019 meetup

Wed May 22 2019 at 06:30 pm to 09:00 pm
Twitter UK, 20 Air Street, London, United Kingdom

Twitter UK, 20 Air Street, London, United Kingdom

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What's the ticket release schedule?

Free tickets and queue jumper/supporter tickets will be released on the following schedule:

First batch: Tuesday 7th May at 1pm

Second batch: Monday 13 May at 1pm

Final batch and opening of waiting list: Thursday 16 May at 1pm

Who's speaking?

Grace Rahman - Full Fact -  (@GraceOddity)Grace will be talking to us about Full Fact, automated fact checking and their collaboration with Facebook.

Lizzie Hard (@LizzieHard1) & Olivia Frost (@Liv_Frost) - The Economist -A postmortem on their journey from the 'Wall of Shame' where Lizzie and Olivia will explore why The Economist are rebuilding their website and how they've approached rebuilding the new AMP site. Have they learned from their mistakes?

Duncan Eadie (@DuncanEadie) - Technologist at Charles Russell SpeechlysMachine learning that helps keep confidential information from going astray. Duncan will outline how the practical use of AI keeps information confidential and reduces your exposure to risk in a post GDPR world.

Thank you to our sponsor Tessian!

 Tessian is building the world’s first Human Layer Security platform to fulfil their mission to keep the world’s most sensitive data and systems private and secure

Important: We need every person's individual name, which means you can't book a ticket for someone else (sorry!) This is for security at our venue. If two tickets are booked under the same name, we've set up a system where the duplicates will be automatically cancelled. Thanks for understanding!

We do understand that sometimes people need to cancel at the last minute. Due to these cancellations, we release more tickets than the venue has capacity for.

We don’t like to turn people away, but we have to operate a first come first served policy. To make sure you get a seat, please arrive as early as you can. We suggest 6.30pm for a 7pm start. The evening wraps at around 8.45pm and we all clear out and head to the pub at 9pm.

We keep as many tickets free as possible but, if you want to skip straight into the event, you can purchase a supporter ticket too.

All proceeds get ploughed back into the event and – one day we hope – we might be able to raise enough to add more events to the list!


What is the ticket policy?

The Hacks/Hackers London ticket policy covers the sale and return of all ticket types, as well as the waiting list.

Are there ID requirements to enter the event?

Our venues require a guest list 48 hours ahead of time with all attendee full names. If your name doesn't match the name on the guest list, we may request your ID to verify your name at the door.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

The organisers can be contacted at info | hackshackersldn ! co ! uk.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Tickets are not transferable. If you'd like to cancel a free ticket, or request a refund for a paid ticket, please consult the ticket policy above, and then contact info | hackshackersldn ! co ! uk.

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