ISA Sales Performance Workshop - Controversial and Thought-Provoking Sales Performance Workshop

Fri Dec 07 2018 at 09:00 am to 11:00 am
Content and Code, 4th Floor, Fountain House, London, United Kingdom

Content and Code, 4th Floor, Fountain House, London, United Kingdom

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Selling Doesn't Work! - How to Win Business in the New Economy.

Complimentary and exclusive to business leaders, owners and directors.

A few companies are finding that it’s tough winning business right now. Qualified prospects are hard to find, and those you do engage with drag their heels, avoid making commitments and squeeze your prices. Do you know the reasons why this happens? It might not be what you think and almost certainly isn’t anything to do with your products, services or pricing.

Join Sandler sales trainer Steve Swatman for 2 hours of inspiration on how to break the rules and learn some potent approaches to sell with dignity.

Could these be the reasons people don’t buy from you?

They don’t think that you understand them thoroughly, but don’t tell you

They struggle to see what makes you a good choice – even though it’s obvious to you

They think your price is too high and your discounting looks desperate

Your solution and pricing is presented to early because they insist on it

They’ve learnt from your ideas and information but never intended to buy

You don’t give them confidence that you should work together

The competition’s approach is smarter even though your solution is better

You irritate them with pressure and sales moves

They don’t respect you as much as you think

They hit you with surprises that you can’t handle

You want the sale more than they want your solution

They don’t tell you the truth

You look and act like every other selling person

If you’re winning as often as you need to then this workshop isn’t for you. But if you aren’t, and you’re struggling to find and engage with new prospects, or fed up with prospects that take up your time and effort but don’t buy from you, then it might make sense to register.
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Created By:
Incredible Results
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