Laughing Meditation Class for all age groups! (Laughter/Excitement/Intros)

Thu Mar 21 2019 at 06:30 pm to 09:30 pm
Linden House, Upper Mall, London, United Kingdom

Linden House, Upper Mall, London, United Kingdom

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The Expats Club
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Too stressed out from work and want to let it all out? Well, we have the perfect remedy for you!

Here is a chance for you all to get out your comfort zone and experience laughing meditation.

This is for you if you want to:

- Care less about what other people think of you- Have more joy in the present moment- Reduce Fear and Stress in all areas of your life

Why Laughing Meditation

In a world where there’s much to be taken seriously, it’s important to remember to laugh. Through our conditioning, beliefs, we have resisted expressing ourselves, laughing can help raise our energy vibration, and we can be more in touch with our true self and less in our egos - worrying about the past, the future.

About Chris - The Host

Chris Murphy is a Speaker, Self Help Coach, Meditation Teacher and Strategist. He has built and run one of the biggest self development Meetup groups in London over the last few years, running inspirational talks, and self help weekend workshops to help people to become their best selves. After a year break of travelling and discovering more about himself and developing greater compassion to others, Chris now wants to focus on helping people to be there best self and live a life that is true to them.

6 Years ago Chris was a very shy, nervous, introverted guy who had many fears and didn't feel like he could live a life he truly wanted as he would always feel not very confident, not good enough and let others around him down. After discovering personal development Chris improved his social life and felt better about himself going on to build a community and running his business full time. A few years later he started feeling unfulfilled and by incorporating meditation and spiritual practices he was able to follow more his purpose and find the secret to living a more joyful and peaceful life so you create abundance rather than living in scarcity. Chris now wants to share all of his teachings with others and help as many people around the world as he can, in a way that he can give people the experiences they crave to become a better person and to belong to a community that he wished he was always part of where people can be themselves, with no judging and have true freedom.


London Corinthian Sailing Club

Event Cost:

This event will be £10.

Structure of Event

6:30pm - 6:45pm: Welcome and Greet

6:45pm - 8:15pm - Laughing Meditation and Other Meditative Exercises

8:15pm - 8:30pm - Q&A

8:30pm + Further Socialising

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Created By:
The Expats Club
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