Learn to love public speaking and presentations

Fri Mar 15 2019 at 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
The Guardian, Kings Place, London, United Kingdom

The Guardian, Kings Place, London, United Kingdom

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Transform your ability to engage and influence an audience at this workshop with communications trainer Ryan Millar.

The most interesting presentation in the world will have zero effect if the audience isn’t paying attention. During this masterclass with comedian and communications trainer Ryan Millar, you’ll learn how to deliver a presentation with confidence – and even enjoy the experience.

This interactive class is ideal for people who have to present or pitch as part of their job, from entrepreneurs to business professionals and freelancers. Over the course of the day, you’ll learn techniques that will help you to engage and influence an audience, whether you’re pitching to a client, speaking up in a meeting or a delivering a presentation. 


Expert tips on how to overcome stage fright – and become more comfortable when presenting to a group of people

Techniques to improve your public speaking skills, including two-way communication, story structuring and body language

Advice on how to prepare and deliver presentations successfully

How to engage, influence and persuade an audience

Anecdotes and stories: how to use them to best effect

Preparation v flexibility

Tricks for speaking fluently "off the cuff"

Practical exercises to put what you’ve learned into practice

Tutor profile

Ryan Millar is a comedian, actor, presenter and communications trainer. Drawing on his background as an improviser, he's helped companies like Heineken, Apple, and Netflix communicate better. He also provides coaching on creativity, networking and personal mastery. His first book, TAKE IT EASY: And More Tips for the Dedicated Improviser, is available now. www.ryanmillar.com

All Guardian Masterclasses are fully accessible - but please contact us if you have any queries or concerns.

Full course and returns information on the Masterclasses website
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