Machine Learning Workshop 2

Mon Feb 18 2019 at 06:30 pm to 09:00 pm
Just Eat Head Office, Fleet Place, London, United Kingdom

Just Eat Head Office, Fleet Place, London, United Kingdom

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 What is the aim of this meet-up?

 The aim of these meetups is to provide an environment for you to teach yourself machine learning. The idea is to do this by working through tutorials or Kaggle competitions.

You will split into groups depending on what you want to work on. You can work as a team, individually or as a pair in these groups.

Any ability is welcome. This is a self-lead learning course and is based on everyone helping each other.

Schedule (Subject to some change):

 6.30 Arrive & Meet others. Pizza will be provided by our sponsor Just Eat.

 6.50 Welcome Talk.

 7.00 Talk by JustEat on Machine Learning. Title TBA

 7.20 -8.45 Break into groups and work through Kaggle Competition or tutorial.



Please register with your full, correct name, on eventBrite to come along. Please bring your laptop. Please read and agree to the code of conduct BEFORE REGISTERING. *********************************************************************************

Kaggle Options

1. Stanford Machine Learning Course. />
2. Titanic Kaggle. (Beginner Level 1 Kaggle, Classification Problem). />
3. House Price Kaggle. (Level 2 Kaggle. />
4. Digit Recognizer. (Level 3 Kaggle, Computer Vision Fundamentals). />
3. Facial Keypoints detection. (Level 4 Kaggle, Natural Language Processing).* />
* if your level of understanding is more advanced please ask and I will assign another Kaggle

Suggested Tutorials

-       Basic Machine Learning and Python Tutorial. V. Beginner level: (Please note this is not done with Jupyter notebook) j />
-       Tutorial on how to use Jupyter notebooks: />
-       Tutorial on titanic Kaggle: />
-       Python Seaborn (data exploration) tutorial: />
-       Python Scikit (General-purpose machine learning library) tutorial: />

Cheat Sheet

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