My Dance, My Joy

Mon Nov 30 2020 at 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
The Psychedelic Society, The Psychedelic Society, Greenhouse, 8 Mackintosh Lane, London, United Kingdom

The Psychedelic Society, The Psychedelic Society, Greenhouse, 8 Mackintosh Lane, London, United Kingdom

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The Psychedelic Society
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This is an explorative movement session of expression lead by your emotions and the process of cultivating joy.

Come and be immersed in a selection of music to activate your body and inner alchemist. Tune into your body to excavate the layers of inhibition, stress, anxiety and fear. Seeking to embody ease and joy in your being.

This session is intuitively led and held with a playful intention to let out the inner child. Drawing on influences from numerous dance styles from a variety of cultures living around the world.

Spark your creative mind using visualisation and creative writing to fuel your dance into a holy event for your self. My Dance, My Joy is a holy gift of returning to your natural playful and free self. Reveal the true freedom and liberation of your body and ignited soul.

In today’s climate of restrictions to keep us safe, we are being reminded of the rudimentary needs of being human. Connection to each other, and ourselves, food, clean air and water, space, nature and the list literally goes on. All these things are free and have since been unlimited and abundant. Now we have some restricted access to these needs however we always find a way as that’s part of being human too.

My Dance My Joy is a solution; it’s an answer to uplift and empower all of us who take part. Making our dance a tool rather than just an activity. Channelling our conscious intention through our dance to activate a wave of change through our day-to-day lives and then the world. We can and will experience joy regardless of the conditions we live in and furthermore, the dance shall revitalise and enrich us after the smoke clears.

Workshop Elements (no specific order):

Breathe: Breathing is a necessity. It fills our bodies with possibilities as without breath we loose vitality and welcome death. We begin with the breath to wake up the senses subtly, and rooting our attention inside our bodies to enable expansion and further casting our awareness outwards around us.

Swirling: swirling refers to circular motions. I really believe there are no straight lines in nature. Everything is formed with a spiral at the core of its design, even our beautifully designed bodies. Spirals are very prominent in nature so why not explore moving the body in the glorious swirl of the galaxy that we inhabit. This is to change or perception, turn down to up and up to down, turn the world you think you know inside out.

Bounce and Shake: Bounce and shake to rejig the stagnant energy inside the body. Cracking open the cold deep in our bones so the smooth elixir of life can run wildly through our form. Anytime I bounce and shake I feel this memory of being a child and imagining being a rocket blasting off into space to embark on a journey. This is the transportation that takes place in the union of this action married with the breath.

Eyes and Intent: Our vision is so important to us. We rely so heavily on what we see and how we see to decipher the world around us. Our eyes and intention can give meaning and context to the spaces we inhabit. What is around you that gives you joy? What is your intent for joy? What makes you wake up, opening your eyes and take in the world for your up most joyous moment? This element consists of some creative writing to further excavate the wisdom that comes from this exploration.

(Suitable for adults of all body types and levels of movement experience.)


Akeim is an interdisciplinary performer and maker, born in Jamaica and raised in England. Since graduating from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance with a first-class honours Bachelor degree in Performing Arts, Akeim has been involved in multiple cross disciplinary programmes with a wide range of artists and communities from around the world. The aesthetic of his work combines expressive skills such as: dance, creative writing, film, poetry, beat-box, singing and acting. Fused to create performances that tell stories capable of bridging the gaps between a variety of audiences.

Akeim’s movement interest has a myriad of inspirations, from Capoeira, Kick Boxing, Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Caribbean Dance, Hip Hop, Yoga and Release Technique. His performance focus expands from the physical to vocal expression. Building on an interest in the voice’s expressive qualities, with current explorations of beatboxing and vocal improvisation. For more check out

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Created By:
The Psychedelic Society
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