Notting Hill Black history walk

Sun Mar 17 2019 at 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm
Meet point on request, London, United Kingdom

Meet point on request, London, United Kingdom

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Black History Walks
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There is much more to Notting Hill than Carnival but even that history is often mis-represented. Find out about pioneering African/Caribbean people who literally fought for equality and laid the foundation for modern multi-cultural London. Why does Portobello Road have that name? Where in London is there evidence of 3500 years of African civilisation? How is Kelso Cochrane connected to Stephen Lawrence? This walk features:

West Indian Freedom Fighters in London

The White Defence League, Oswald Mosley and immigration

Black self empowerment, economics and community planning

Claudia Jones and the origins of Carnival

Bob Marley, Diana Ross, Muhammad Ali, Marvin Gaye, Band Aid, Rhianna,where they hung out

Shebeens and the Black Panthers

World War Two, Windrush, Segregation and Gentrification

Frank Chrichlow, Darcus Howe legends of Black British Civil Rights

Race, Class, Gender, Literature, Science and much, much more!

I would like to say, first, that our guide was phenomenal today for our walking tour through Notting Hill. I really cannot thank him enough. He truly made the history and culture of Notting Hill come alive for my students, they said it was the best walking tour they had so far this term so thank you very much! Omaar Hena, Associate Professor of English, Wake Forest University North Carolina

Walk last 2 hours .Private group bookings for schools, staff groups, birthdays possible info | blackhistorywalks ! co ! uk .Check out our most recent newsletter 

2018 • 51 Years since the police M**der of David Oluwale• 51 years since MLK was assassinated• 61 Years since the Notting Hill Racist Riots • 61 years since the establishment of the West Indian Standing Conference• 71 years of Windrush• 101 years of Women having the vote

Events for 2019 in recognition of the above

Black history bus tour/river cruiseAfrican Supeheroes day

The Black Image 

Black Panther's real African history and the books to prove it
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Created By:
Black History Walks
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