Online Coercive Control Survivor Support Group (Cults/Extremist Groups)

Tue Jul 07 2020 at 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm
Online (Zoom), London, United Kingdom

Online (Zoom), London, United Kingdom

Created By:
The Family Survival Trust
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Dear Friends,
The Family Survival Trust invites you to our online psycho-education support group meeting, via Zoom.

This group is made available to people affected by a wide variety of cults and extremist/exploitative groups (eg political, therapy, religious/spiritual, business, sports - among others) in various roles (eg former members, family of members, those who support former members etc). If you know anyone who might benefit from this group please ask them to get in touch with us by email at thefamilysurvivaltrustuk | gmail ! com or contact us via our facebook page .

When we meet we'll agree terms of confidentiality at the start of each session.
During the meeting there is no obligation to say anything you don't want to, and you're encouraged to take care of yourself in this regard.

A short educational presentation on a topic related to the psychology of coercive control will be the basis for sharing experiences and having reflective discussions. The session will be facilitated by those who have educational and/or personal experiences in this area.

This is neither a therapy/counselling nor 'deprogramming' group, though often attendees report to have found it helpful, at an appropriate stage of their journey, with contextualising their experiences in abusive groups.

Hearing and sharing of experiences can be illuminating and validating, and at times also evocative and challenging. If you need to leave the meeting before the end, for any reason, please let the meeting Host know.

If you're interested in attending a session and haven't had an introduction chat with us over Zoom yet, please get in touch so we can arrange that.
In our chat we'll get to test any technical concerns related to Zoom, discuss the group sessions and introduce ourselves.

Zoom is a free app/tool for video-conference, available on laptop/computer/tablet/smartphone. To attend you'll need a device with a web camera & microphone (standard on many devices) as well as a reliable internet connection. Tablets/mobiles may require a free app&account whilst other laptops/computers may be able to join via web browser without an account/app.

Holding these sessions online is new territory for us and as such we are on a learning curve; please be patient and supportive during this process. We're interested in making these meetings interactive and valuable which includes your requests for particular discussion topics/themes among other suggestions, queries or feedback - please do share those thoughts with us.

For our Zoom meetings please ensure that your environment is safe, non-distracting, and unlikely to be overheard/witnessed by non-participants.
In the interests of confidentiality, for everyone involved, there is a very strong emphasis not to record anything related to these meetings and our usual Chatham House Rules.

Donations made voluntarily are always welcomed to support our work and can be made via any of our Eventbrite event listings using the ticket/donation facility: Don't worry if you're not able to donate - that's perfectly fine.

The next scheduled meetings will be on:
Tuesday, 7th April, 2020 - zoom meeting room opens at 6pm, session runs 7-9pm
Tuesday, 28th April, 2020
Tuesday, 5th May, 2020

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm Regards,

The Family Support Group co-facilitators

Email: thefamilysurvivaltrustuk | gmail ! com
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Created By:
The Family Survival Trust
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