Product Metrics Training Workshop - London

Fri May 24 2019 at 09:30 am to 05:00 pm
etc venues Marble Arch, Garfield House, London, United Kingdom

etc venues Marble Arch, Garfield House, London, United Kingdom

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Get a user-centered approach to measurement

Workshop Overview

Every product manager understands that they need to gather evidence to help them make decisions and set the right strategy and priorities. However, simply having a huge data warehouse and analytics skill sets doesn’t help you ask the right questions or come to the right conclusions. So, how can product managers understand how to use data and metrics to add value to the customer's journey and their businesses?

Geared towards working product managers who need to regularly gather data from different sources to make decisions, this full-day workshop offered by Mind the Product helps participants understand how to adopt a user-driven perspective on measurement, ensuring that your products are optimized for customer success.

This Product Metrics workshop is unique because it specifically focuses on the role of the product manager in driving a common understanding throughout the product development lifecycle.

What we’ll cover on the day

Divided into modules, each topic covered focuses specifically on the role that product managers should play in the process of metrics alignment and implementation: The workshop will be driven by a single business scenario, allowing you to work together in a hands-on way, tackling metrics questions similar to a real-world situation.The course covers:

How to keep customers at the center of your metrics process

How to align your stakeholders around measurement goals and help them break down business goals into workable metrics

How to apply the concept of “One Metric that Matters” and how other metrics work with OMTM

How product managers should think about measuring tests and experiments

Implementing metrics and how to effectively collaborate with different roles on your team

Structures for reporting about metrics and achieving alignment with stakeholders

Reflections on what a metrics-driven culture looks like and how product managers can help to create one

Things to reflect on before the workshop 

Before your training workshop we ask that you take some time to consider the following questions. The more time you take to consider your current situation and the issues and challenges you face, the more you’ll gain from your training:

Currently what are your most common data sources?

How often do you look at data (qualitative or quantitative) before you make product decisions?

Key Takeaways

At the end of the end of the workshop you will understand how product managers work with metrics. You’ll go away with pragmatic, actionable insights that tie back into your job as a product manager, and specific details and scenarios about working with cross-functional teams to implement metrics tracking. You’ll also have a good understanding of the “One Metric that Matters” concept for various types of business models and stages. 

Mind the Product Trainers

Every Mind the Product trainer is a working product manager who has worked with multiple products and domains. Your trainer’s product management experience enriches the curriculum by delivering diverse perspectives on best practice in different scenarios. You will hear about the products they have worked on in the past, what went well, what didn’t go so well, and how they tried to make improvements. Our trainers’ main goal is not to provide participants with all of the answers, but help facilitate them in asking the right questions.  

About Your Trainer

Marc Abraham, Chief Product Officer

Starting his career as a corporate lawyer, Marc made the transition into digital technology, initially as a project manager and then as a product manager.

Marc has been managing products for the last 7 years, working on a range of successful products/services at companies such as 7digital, carwow, notonthehighstreet, World First and now at Settled.

“My Product Management Toolkit” is Marc’s latest book about tools and techniques for new product managers. Outside of his day job, Marc is part of the Mind The Product team and helps coordinate ProductTank meetups globally.


Registration will begin at 9.00

Class will start at 9.30 sharp and end at 17.00

We'll also provide a light breakfast, buffet lunch, and plenty of tea and coffee to fuel you through the day.

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