Sustainable procurement: how to integrate modern slavery risk into your procurement process

Wed Jun 19 2019 at 08:30 am to 04:00 pm
Wallacespace Spitalfields, 15-25 Artillery Lane, London, United Kingdom

Wallacespace Spitalfields, 15-25 Artillery Lane, London, United Kingdom

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Ardea International
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Companies all over the world are being challenged to address their environmental and human rights impacts. Legislation governing human rights impact is growing and supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. The UK Modern Slavery Act is one piece of legislation that requires companies to publish a statement annually on the steps that they are taking to address modern slavery in their organisation and supply chains. 

What will this course aim to do? 

This interactive course will bring participants rapidly up to speed on sustainable procurement, including the key legal compliance and supply chain risks involving environmental and human rights and modern slavery; the moral and business imperatives for managing human rights risk, including in the supply chain, the benefits that can be gained, and the challenges and dilemmas these issues pose.

Drawing from relevant legislation, standards such as developing ISO 24000, guidance, and practical experience of working with companies on these issues, the course will examine what it takes to develop and implement an effective sustainable procurement strategy and policy in practice, and how to ensure that the application of these processes are meaningful and beneficial to your company.

Who should attend this course?


procurement managers;

ethical and sustainability managers;

legal counsel; and

HR managers.

After attending this course, participants will:

be familiar with key and emerging legal compliance frameworks on sustainable procurement and modern slavery; 

describe what we mean by sustainable procurement and ethical procurement; 

be able to identify sustainable procurement requirements as they relate to companies, as well as other relevant standards;

understand the current and emerging human rights / modern slavery issues and how they impact supply chains;

understand how to identify, investigate, track and measure modern slavery and human rights risks and impacts;

evaluate the importance in an organisation and its supply chain of stakeholder engagement and consultation; and

human rights issues, the legal and other dilemmas that are commonly faced and some practical ways to resolve these.
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Created By:
Ardea International
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