"The Spectre of Winston Churchill on the Witch Hunts of today"

Sat Dec 15 2018 at 04:00 pm
The Admiralty, 66 Trafalgar Square, London, United Kingdom

The Admiralty, 66 Trafalgar Square, London, United Kingdom

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"The Spectre of Winston Churchill on the Witch Hunts of past, present and post EU Britain to become Great again."

"The Admiralty" in the "Gun Deck" -- Round Table Symposium with Dr Churchill: "What Would Winston Churchill Do?"

An afternoon with Dr P Churchill and Stuart Copeland @ The Admiralty, 66 Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DS. Usher: Zizi Tel: 07823358708. It is booked for Saturday 15th December 2018.

Please arrive by 3:45pm, at "The Admiralty" and come down to the "Gun Deck" to find us...

The Agenda:

1)The spectre of Winston Churchill on Brexit negotiations. (4-4:45pm)

2) Space for a Third Party Or Multi Party Politics. (4:45-5:30pm)

3) Urban Outcasts and State Apparatus Coercive Forces. (5:30-6pm)

4) Patterns of Governance that find causality for negativity in marginalising people since John Stearn, A Confirmation of Witchcraft, 17th Century, UK Crown Publication. (6-6:30pm)

5) Questions and Answers, and Networking. (6:30-7pm)

First off we will start with a warm conversation between Dr Churchill and Mr Stuart Copeland.

Dr Pano Churchill, author of the latest and greatest book about his grandfather Winston Churchill's approach to political, economic, and conflict resolution problem solving and the leadership required to approach winningly, the really wicked problems we face as AngloAmericans today, aptly titled: "What Would Winston Churchill Do?"

This talk is in defense of the real champions, leaders, and standard bearers of Western Civilization today: The Anglo-Americans.

In terms of historical reference, and in keeping with Winston's theme of always being a Gentleman, as well as a "Bon Vivant and a Bon Homme" -- we are channeling the true Churchillian relevant Spirit, and this Round Table Talk, will take place in Winston Churchill's favourite Pub: "The Admiralty" of Trafalgar Square...

Join us for a pint and a great discussion, but also join us to raise a glass in honour of my Grandfather, who no doubt looks down upon us from high up in Heaven and smiles as we again are fighting and wining against the Germans and their Brussels commissars, that had imposed their dastardly and evil form of bureaucratic enslavement on our little green island nation and to the rest of the nations of the European Continent.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill famous quote: "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Today, I feel the same sense of bewilderment as it was distressing for Winston Churchill in his time ... and it is now distressing for me, that we have to live in an age in which we still must fight against the forces of Evil each and every day, in order to protect our basic Civil Human Rights of Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, and Self Determination.

Let us then think of this moment not as the end, not as the beginning of the end, but as the end of the beginning of the liberation of British people and soon enough of all the Peoples of EUrope from the detestable and illiberal Soviet Union of the EU under the German Heimat.

To that end -- we invite you to join us and celebrate the Springtime of regaining our Liberty, amid the ruins of the battle to liberate ourselves, and gain the sunny uplands of our Freedom & Democracy, away from the Orwellian hated bureaucrats of Brussells and Berlin.


Dr Churchill


Delicious Food, Refreshments & Drinks available.

Please also RSVP at the Churchill Society: www.Meetup.com/ChurchillSociety

Private Message to enquiries | securityandinvestigations ! co ! uk with interest in attending.

Category Community & Lifestyle
Subcategory Charity/Fundraising Event, Circus
Target Audience Adult Only
Event Website: www.securityandinvestigations.blog
Event Phone No 07823358708
Start Date 09/12/2017
End Date 09/12/2017
Occurrences 4pm
Venue The Admiralty
66 Trafalgar Square,
St. James's,
United Kingdom
Ticket Price(s) Free (£5 Donations welcome on door of which % to British Legion and to % Event Organiser)

If our event is cancelled, or details are needed, please call this number: 07823358708
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