Trapeze Bar Host Neon Naked Life Drawing!

Wed Jul 29 2020 at 07:00 pm to Wed Sep 23 2020 at 09:00 pm
Trapeze Bar, 89 Great Eastern Street, London, United Kingdom

Trapeze Bar, 89 Great Eastern Street, London, United Kingdom

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Life Drawing - Neon Naked
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Neon Naked Life Drawing at the amazing venue Trapeze Bar in Old Street. An awesome circus-inspired venue in East London.  

Draw with Neon Pastels in Ultra Violet Light. 

Join us at Trapeze Bar for an evening of vibrant artistic fun to a life drawing class like no other using neon reactive arts materials to an inspiring fluoro life model. 

This class explores creative drawing, moving away from the perfectionist traditional teachings of life drawing. By trying out several different image-making techniques from continuous line to pointillism the artists are encouraged to think outside the box and create more unusual imagery. 

As described in TimeOut Magazine as 'It might look like a Full Moon party, but this evening of sketching is an experiment in light, colour and texture. The models become ‘living sculptures’ covered in UV lights and reactive body paints. Trippy.'

Neon Naked is a new and unique life drawing experience that specialises in creating unusual and creative designs by using vibrant and bold living sculptures. By combining an industrial UV light and reactive body paints with hand crafted flamboyant accessories it's easy to get the creative juices flowing. 

The class starts with some quick and fun drawing exercises to get you warmed up. Then goes into longer drawing times with more exciting life images, experimenting with colour, light and texture. 

Art supplies are provided however please feel free to bring your own. With essentials such as pencil, paper and drawing boards but also you can use the fluorescent glowing neon pastels and pens to make your art pop!

No artistic experience needed. Drawing in UV is completely different to normal and the class is taught so that you produce more creative, abstract images full of vibrant colours and unusual mark-making. 

It's fun and friendly with a chilled out atmosphere. 

A great affordable evening out if you want to try something new, great for a blind date or to spend time with the guys from work.

All designs and accessories are created by Jylle Navarro who has been specialising in UV reactive materials and performance art for many years. 

Trapeze Bar is described as 'a two-floor venue with a bar and kitchen up top (themed, as you might guess, around a colourful, twisted circus) and an intimate basement club down below.'

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Created By:
Life Drawing - Neon Naked
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