TTH Runners- Saturday Series - Helping you from Halfway!

Sat Mar 16 2019 at 09:00 am to 12:00 pm
SW18 CrossFit, 9 Knightley Walk, London, United Kingdom

SW18 CrossFit, 9 Knightley Walk, London, United Kingdom

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So race season is fast approaching, and we here there's a few marathons on the horizon so this set'a runnings are aimed at bringing the mileage up with some good vibes and a great tribe!

Every Saturday we'll meet at Wandsworth hotspot SW18 to have a quick cuppa, coffee or nanaaa before we head on for some longer stints.

We'll begin at 12/14 miles (there will be two routes each week) and work up to 22 miles.

16th - 18 + 14 miles 

23rd - 20 + 16 miles

30th - 22 + 18 miles

6th - 10k + 20 miles (Paris taper)

13th - 0 + 22 miles (Paris)

20th - 10k + 10k (Paris shakeout/London taper)

27th - 10k + 5k (London shakeout)

4th - 7/8k + 12/13k (London taper and a what’s next chat!)

The options are based around Paris on 14th and London on 28th but obviously welcome to tweak any you like! 

These will be a run as you wish type affair, we'll simply share the route and you can run it whatever pace you wish. There will be no set pacers, but plenty of company so you're bound to find a buddy, or even better bring one!

After each run, we'll be welcoming you in with brunch, and inviting some of our favourite guests into share tips, tricks and perhaps a story or two. Speakers revealed soon!

Tickets can be a little confusing, but if you pick any date you can buy all 6 runs at a discounted price or you can choose individual dates.

If you choose to buy the full pack, we will send you an alternative link to sign up the other dates you choose free, so please just sign up to the first run club you will be attending when purchasing your tickets.

If you have any questions, please do just drop us an email at tth | twicethehealth ! com.
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