Virtual Delegate @ IMarEST Annual Conference 2019

Fri Mar 15 2019 at 09:00 am to 02:00 pm
Trinity House, Trinity Square, London, United Kingdom

Trinity House, Trinity Square, London, United Kingdom

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Shaping the future of a sustainable blue economy

Covering more than two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, the world’s oceans are fundamental to life on our planet. They provide food and other natural resources, help regulate the climate and are characterised by a rich natural biodiversity. Their importance to the global economy also cannot be ignored. It is estimated that the blue economy generates over 350 million jobs, worth $3.6 trillion a year, providing employment and food security to many of the world’s poorest people. Moreover, thanks to the shipping industry, the oceans connect people and markets and facilitate 90% of world trade.

The list of environmental issues for the world’s oceans continues to grow. Micro-plastics and ocean acidification now join harmful atmospheric emissions, the spread of invasive species and overfishing as problems that must be grappled with by the sector’s regulators and other stakeholders. Neither can climate change and rising sea levels be ignored. With no respect for national boundaries, the various environmental issues threaten small island developing states and major ports across the developed world alike.

Meanwhile, the commercial marine sector is being buffeted by the waves of the digital revolution and the networked economy. Ships are becoming ever more sophisticated and automated; supply-chains are becoming tighter, yet more fragile; offshore resource extraction once limited to hydrocarbons now encompasses renewable energy and, possibly soon, deep sea mining. These are exciting changes that should not be feared but seized as opportunities. However, to be realised they will require new competencies, skills and knowledge, and above all, the innovation and the courage to push the boundaries of possibility.

About the conference

With a technical programme developed by the Chairs of the IMarEST Special Interest Groups and the IMarEST Technical Leadership Board, IMarEST members and wider audiences will be afforded the opportunity to listen to talks about the latest developments across marine engineering, science and technology and how they impact the wider world and engage in debate and participate in discussion around the vital role the IMarEST can play in shaping a sustainable blue economy.

Topics covered will include:

Understanding and quantifying business activity in support of observing, measuring and forecasting the ocean

Governance of deep seabed mining

Transforming the shipping industry

The rise of offshore renewables and the security of future energy supply

Invasive species in ships ballast water and biofouling management

Automation and putting the human in the picture

Conference hashtag: #imarestAC19

Conference Programme

How to attend the conference as a virtual delegate

The conference is being live-streamed from Trinity House, London, UK to virtual delegates around the world using IMarEST TV, the Institute's video platform.

Attending the conference as a virtual delegate on IMarEST TV is free and open to all, and will enable you to:

Watch the conference sessions live - see, hear and view the speakers and their presentations from wherever you are!

Participate in discussions by posting questions online, which will be asked on your behalf to speakers

Network with fellow delegates using the online discussion feature and/or the conference hashtag: #imarestAC19

Request a CPD certificate following your attendance as a virtual delegate

To confirm your attendance as a virtual delegate of the IMarEST Annual Conference 2019, please register on Eventbrite. You will then be sent instructions on how to participate in the conference on IMarEST TV.

Please note: Events live-streamed on IMarEST TV are open to anyone, including members and non-members, however you will need an IMarEST Web Account in order to watch (you can sign up for one here). We recommend watching the live-stream using a computer, rather than a mobile device, in order to view both the speaker and their slides.
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