WEBdeLDN #23 - Work Smarter

Mon May 20 2019 at 06:30 pm to 09:00 pm
Monzo, 35 Wilson Street, London, United Kingdom

Monzo, 35 Wilson Street, London, United Kingdom

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The speakers of the next event will be Holly Cummins (IBM Bluemix Garage London) and Tom Alisi (Entrepreneur, PhD, Solutions Architect, Developer).

The topic of the evening will be “Work Smarter”.

The inspiration comes from The Effective Engineer book (recommended), a tweet, and a bunch of discussions about work-life balance.

The concept of “Work Smarter” might have different meanings for different people: we’ll explore the subject from both a practical perspective around automation to increase efficiency and storytelling on finding the perfect balance between career and personal life.

Schedule of the evening

18:30 - Doors will open. Welcoming drinks and pizza.

19:00 - Holly Cummins - Confessions of an Automation Addict

19:45 - Some more pizza and drinks

20:00 - Tom Alisi - Questions of a lifelong juggling software engineer

21:00 - End of the meetup

Confessions of an Automation Addict

Holly Cummins: IBM Bluemix Garage London

I’ve never seen a job I didn’t want to automate. Sometimes it’s worked out well, sometimes automation has turned a small nuisance into a big, fragile, free-time-eating monster nuisance. In this talk, I’ll explore why we automate, when to automate, the hazards of automation and the – big – rewards of automation. As part of the team developing IBM’s WebSphere Liberty application server, we used a mix of off-the-shelf and home-rolled tools and processes to work smarter and more productively. I’ll describe what we’ve learned as WebSphere transitioned to DevOps and continuous delivery and why I still can’t resist trying to automate all the things.

Twitter: @holly_cummins

GitHub:  https://github.com/holly-cummins />

Questions of a lifelong juggling software engineer

Tom Alisi: Entrepreneur, PhD, Solutions Architect, Developer

Taking a PhD, owning a company, seeing the world, paying a mortgage, paying nursery, building a startup, cooking dinner, supporting a spouse's career, doing the school runs, working with remote teams, remembering timezones, bringing harmony in architectures, scolding developers for code coverage... all of this, while trying to feel privileged for being 6 years short of falling in the millennial generation.

Twitter: @grudelsud



The sponsor of the evening will be Monzo, that will kindly offer the space and provide food and drinks.

Thanks from WEBdeLDN for hosting us.

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