Yoga for Wellbeing - Free Session at the Isha Yoga Centre, London

Fri Jan 11 2019 at 09:00 am to 09:45 am
Isha Yoga Centre, 1-2 Silex Street, London, United Kingdom

Isha Yoga Centre, 1-2 Silex Street, London, United Kingdom

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“The only way to experience true wellbeing is to turn inward. This is what yoga means – not up, not out, but in. In is the only way out.” – Sadhguru

 This Yoga Workshop is a holistic session that introduces an easy-to-do and yet potent practises to enhance one’s overall vitality. These powerful practices align and balance one's physical, psychological and energy dimensions. They help one cope with the hectic pace of working environment and enhance one’s wellbeing in all aspects of life.


-       The workshops are bite sized sessions guided by a trained Isha Hatha Yoga teacher

-       Components include yogic practices and a guided meditation that leaves you invigorated and recharged

-       The workshops are open to all over 12 years of age and do not require any fitness level or prior exposure to yoga

-       Ongoing online support will be made available after the session 


-       Enhances vitality, focus, memory and productivity

-       Stabilises body, mind and emotions

-       Strengthens and stabilizes the spine

-       Relives back pain, stress and anxiety

-       Can relieve chronic ailments and improves overall health

-       Imparts a lasting sense of joy, peace and fulfilment

It is an endeavour of Isha Foundation to provide every human being with the means and methods to live a vibrant and healthy life. These practices empower each individual so that joy and inner wellbeing is established as the fundamental basis for the blossoming of their full potential. These simple practices have been designed by Sadhguru – a world-renowned yogi, mystic, and one of the foremost authorities on yoga.

For more information please email offering ! europe | ishafoundation ! org

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Created By:
Inner Engineering
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