Volunteer Passport Scheme : Boundaries and Confidentiality

Mon Jul 01 2019 at 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
Slough Council for Voluntary Service, Main Hall, 29 Church Street, Slough, United Kingdom

Slough Council for Voluntary Service, Main Hall, 29 Church Street, Slough, United Kingdom

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The volunteer passport scheme is a Slough initiative, which offers a series of 4 short training modules exploring the key areas all volunteers need to successfully volunteer with clients.

These modules will give participants the basic skills, awareness, confidence and knowledge required to volunteer.

Once you have completed all four training modules you will receive a volunteer passport, which gives you access to our volunteering newsletter crammed full of exciting features and exclusive volunteering events and the opportunity to volunteer in a variety of Charities and voluntary organisations in Slough.

You can really make a difference!      

Boundaries and Confidentiality

Boundaries set the limits of what is and is not acceptable and helps to protect ourselves and service users by clarifying what types of behaviour and language will or will not be tolerated. It helps us to look and sound professional.

Confidentiality relates specifically to the protection of private information acquired through volunteering by staff and involves protecting and actively promoting the dignity and privacy of service users.

This module covers the following:

What are boundaries?

Confidentiality and Consent

Breaching confidentiality
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