Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering: London

Mon Apr 29 2019 at 09:00 am to Fri May 03 2019 at 05:00 pm
1 Shortlands, Wimbledon, United Kingdom

1 Shortlands, Wimbledon, United Kingdom

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Course overview

Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering provides a comprehensive overview of key reservoir engineering concepts.The course begins with an overview of fluid properties and their behaviour under changing conditions; this is followed by an overview of material balance calculations which rely on PVT data. The next concept is fluid flow in porous media, which introduces permeability and Darcy’s Law. This leads on to a review of well testing and the analysis of pressure data, one of the main sources of permeability estimates. The next two topics cover what the reservoir engineer has to deliver – production forecasts and resource estimates. The final topic will be Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

The course is designed for

Professionals who work in collaboration with reservoir engineers, including well engineers, facilities engineers, process engineers, economists, petrophysicists and geoscientists who have just started working in an integrated subsurface team.

Course outline

Fluid properties

PVT measurementsPhase behaviourFluid typesMaterial balance

Fluid flow in porous media

Permeability and Darcy’s lawFluid viscositySources of permeability data

Two phase flow

Capillary pressureRelative permeability data

Well testing

Well test operationsTransient flow / semi-steady state flowSemi log plotsRadius of investigationSkin – formation damage

Production forecasting

Recovery mechanismsRecovery factorsReservoir simulationIntegrated production modelling

Resource categories

Petroleum Resource Management System (PRMS)Contingent resourcesProved and probable reserves


Chemical floodingThermal floodingMiscible gas floodingImmiscible gas flooding"I really appreciate the preparation and help to understand the course material. The difficulty of exercises was just right."- Shunso Abe, JOGMEC, Japan
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